At Brit & Co., we love our coffee. We dream about coffee from the tap, controlled by an app, we swoon over coffee spills caught in high speed photographs, and we even spent a day or two figuring out 15 different ways to repurpose our beloved coffee filters.

When we need an afternoon jolt, we head downstairs to the local coffee shop for a hit of espresso. But wouldn't it be nice to brew up two cups of espresso in the comfort of your home or office? And without a bulky, expensive espresso machine?

With the Bialetti Stovetop Percolator ($28 on Amazon), you can rock two cups of delicious espresso in under 5 minutes. It sits right on the stovetop and is super easy to use. You can even rock it on your camping stove!

We love the simplistic design because it makes it almost impossible to mess up. Clean up is a cinch, and storage is a non-issue. For a super-charged dessert, we recommend whipping up two cups of espresso and topping with a dollop of Kahlua pudding. Mmm. Dessert, booze, and caffeine all in one? Sign us up.

What coffee gadgets do you use on a daily basis? Leave us a note in the comments below or say hi on Twitter.

P.S. Yes, as soon as we saw the name of this handy little gadget, we started singing "it's time for the perculator." As you know, 90s rap is always top of mind at Brit HQ.