Have you ever wondered who is answering your e-mails on Twitter? How about who’s behind those ever-so-flawless suggested pins on Pinterest? Well, turns out you’re not alone. There are plenty of people all over the web looking to demystify the brains and brawn behind some of the biggest sites on the web. Otelic is essentially the Instagram for major web businesses. You can cruise around and see who is behind some really major online presences. Maybe you’d want to get to know us? Just kidding, you basically already do.


We got a chance to talk to Marcus Tallhamn, Co-Founder and CEO, and the first thing we needed to know was: How did you come up with the name? “Otelic was derived from the word ‘autotelic,’ which means ‘driven by purpose.'” He and fellow founder Sean Abrahams felt that concept described three things perfectly for them: “1. Our own perspective on what work should be like 2. Our customers: teams driven by purpose 3. Our mission: to help people find happiness at work.”


As for what inspired the idea, he says, “We started Otelic because in our experience, the hardest thing with building a company is almost always managing your team. Hiring, aligning and retaining a group of amazing people is super hard. So, starting Otelic was 100% driven by personally experiencing the problem of people not being happy at work. And I am not talking about superficial happiness, but the kind of happiness that comes from working with an amazing group of people that you like and trust, on a mission that you care about, in a role where you can make a real difference. That’s true and deep happiness. Our goal is to help people find that.”

We think Otelic will be simplifying the application process for lots of prospective employees by giving them a real-life glimpse into their dream company’s culture. While they are already growing quickly, you may want to vote to get your favorite companies to contribute, like Spotify or Yelp.


We know we want to get behind the scenes to see all the company parties, events and, um, moments of quiet contemplation. Don’t worry — we’ve been there too.


Before you apply for a job across the country, check out what Otelic has to offer. We didn’t even know how disconnected we were from what it really takes to run other online companies until we got to see these guys at Frankly working outside in their board shorts. Wait, do you think they surf together? We need to have a company meeting about our own beach trip.

What company do you most want to see join? We vote Pinterest… no, Spotify… no, Tumblr…