A couple weeks ago I was asked to speak at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Colorado on a panel called 'Women on the Web.' I was humbled to speak alongside Susan Lyne, the Chairman of Gilt Groupe (who doesn't love Gilt?!) as well as Nick Lehman, the President of Digital at NBCUniversal, AKA the group that runs properties like Daily Candy and the Style Network. You can find a full but transcript here or can check out the video above.

Maybe I'm biased, but I consider the topic of 'women on the web' as one of the more interesting trends in technology right now. Women are using the web (and technology in general) in abundance these days! We're killing it, gals! For instance, even though the total amount of Internet users is split fairly equally between genders, women are spending much more time online and are purchasing far more online than our male counterparts. What does that mean? Advertisers and tech companies love us! (This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you spin it.)

You've probably noticed an influx in female-targeted sites and apps popping up over the past couple of years (um, hello, this is one of them) — this is the primary reason why. Women are totally down with new media, especially if they can find deals, save time, get inspired, or more easily communicate with others.

In fact, the ladies of the digital world are dominating social media networks like crazy right now, sending far more tweets, comments and posts than men. Oh, and if it wasn't obvious, we LOVE photos. We share more than twice as many photos as men online and are tagged in twice as many photos as men on Facebook. And perhaps our love of photo sharing is the reason why Pinterest drives us all bananas? It's also why so many sites are starting to look like Pinterest lately. Yep, technologists have figured us women out… or have they? We've pulled several pretty and interesting info graphics related to how women use the web and featured them below and would love to hear your thoughts.

Do any of these surprise you? Do you disagree with any of the data? We want to hear from you! Send us your thoughts in the comments below or use your overly-communicative social media ways and hit me up on the tweets ;)