You planned your group Halloween costume theme months ago, decorated your lawn with cobwebs in August and are stocked up on bags of mini Snickers and peanut butter cups. When it comes to Halloween, you don’t mess around. Now, there’s just one more item to add to your October TDL: your nails. Whether you go with a spooky mani or pretty polish this year, don’t be afraid to go all out. Here are 15 out-of-control nail designs to try this Halloween.

1. Fangs: Who needs clunky faux Dracula teeth when you can rock these frightening nails instead? There’s something so surprisingly chic about the matte-black-meets-statement nail style that has us wishing the 31st would arrive ASAP.

2. Haunted House: There’s no better way to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve than by getting the bejeebers scared out of you at a haunted house. Bring that spooky setting to your nails this Halloween, complete with ghouls, graveyards and a flying bat.

3. Fright Night: These incredibly intricate designs with a painterly background scream Halloween. Start with a neon marble base and invest in a fine brush to make these delicate scenes come to life. Throw in a haunted house and creepy tree for the ultimate frightening look.

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4. Horror Squad: Jason, Ghostface and Jigsaw — the gang’s all here. Get your nails ready for the ultimate Netflix horror binge with this killer look.

5. Candy Corn: Even if you don’t love eating candy corn, you probably keep buying it year after year out of habit — we get it. Skip the waxy aftertaste and give your nails a sweet treatment with a yellow, orange and white ombre effect.

6. Sugar Skulls: Get ready to celebrate Dia de los Muertos in style with these OTT metallic sugar skull nails. Add some bling to the skulls with flashy gemstone eyes and detailed flower crowns.

7. Blood Nails: Live for a good fright? This gel polish look will give everyone the heebie-jeebies. The dripping blood and pointy skeleton finger are just plain eerie — and are those decals of Barbie and Ken underneath? Okay, now we’re seriously creeped out.

8. Snow White: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest Halloween nails of all? Certainly it will be you, if you can pull off this look that’s fit for an evil queen.

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9. Dirt Coffin: Hate to dress up? Keep it classy and simple with this beautiful black and glitter polish that’s perfect for October’s dark nights. Be sure to pair this metallic style with a coffin-shaped nail for an extra chilling effect.

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10. All-Over Red: If you’re into guts and gore, go for a blood-spattered effect this year. Keep your tips long and sharp for the ultimate murderess-in-the-making look.

11. Voodoo Nails: Who do voodoo? You do! Paint on a few voodoo dolls and cast some black magic on your frenemies.

12. Pumpkin Spice: Not all Halloween nails have to be scary. How cute are these mini gourds? This mani is perfect for everything from trick-or-treating to picking up a PSL.

13. Eye See You: These oglers are totally eye-catching, and more than a little creep-tastic. Use a white background and add thin red lines for the bloodshot detail.

14. Take a Bite: Whether you were Team Edward or Team Jacob, show some vampire love with this Halloween mani. Paint your middle finger bright red and you’ll have the whole toothy look down.

15. Crime Scene: If you’ve been listening to the My Favorite Murder podcast on repeat, this marbled mani is for you. Contemplate who did it as you sip some monster punch. Your nails will be looking fab.u.lous.

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