If you’re suffering from end-of-summer wanderlust, a road trip across America might be the perfect cure. But gas and pricey hotel rooms can really add up. Take a cue from the seasoned road tripper and rent an RV. Outdoorsy’s online RV rental platform pairs RV owners with renters making it easy to find and book one without a hitch.


Here’s how it works: sign in, select a location and then view the available RV listings along with their associated costs. Outdoorsy offers a full gamut of options: folding camping trailers, lightweight travel trailers, compact motorhomes and Type C and A motorhomes. According to the site, even if you book the most upscale of RVs, your dream trip will still cost between 10 to 45% less than a regular vacation. Another bonus? RV travel allows you to experience the road from a never-before-seen vantage point, along with giving you the control to travel anywhere from big cities to rural communities. Outdoorsy lets you rent RVs for either a weekend, a week or an extended stay. Plus, the site offers 24/7 customer support and a $1 million liability insurance policy.


As an RV owner, you can list and rent out that idle RV or motorhome in your driveway through the Outdoorsy website for free and make up to $86,000 per year in the process. With this second income, we’re betting you could check off a few of the year’s top travel destinations from your bucket list. As a renter, not only do you receive customer support and liability insurance policy benefits, but you can also set your rental rates and schedule, get help with your rental listing and even sign up for Outdoorsy’s direct payment system to have money sent straight into your bank account. With Outdoorsy’s system of verification and renter reviews, you can ensure that you are renting to those you trust.

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Check out the Outdoorsy website to start bringing your dream road trip to life. Outdoorsy is free to join and has no membership fees.

Roadtrippers, where are you headed for your last trip of the summer? Let us know in the comments below!