If you’re anything like us, you probably set a few New Year’s resolutions recently. Eating healthier, exercising more and being more creative are common goals to set, but what about getting out more? After all, your sense of wanderlust doesn’t need to be limited to a pinboard. Take a look at this year’s top travel spots and plan a vacation that’ll make your whole year.

1. Milan, Italy: Often billed as the fashion capital of the world, Milan is much more than haute couture. Plan a visit outside of fashion season for a taste of genuine Italian culture. It’s a city you should definitely have on your bucket list. (via CNN)

2. Nicaragua: Nestled in Central America, Nicaragua packs a punch in terms of sights to see. Its islands boast beautiful beaches, volcanoes and tons of tropical flair. Book your tickets now before Latin America’s best-kept secret gets out. (via Condé Nast Traveler)

3. Istanbul, Turkey: Love to feel steeped in culture when you get away? Istanbul is the place to go if you want to see ornate architecture and sample authentic cuisine. (via Condé Nast Traveler)

4. Tasmania, Australia: Miss seeing Radiant Orchid at every turn? Get a view with miles of Pantone’s 2014’s Color of the Year when you head to what Australian locals affectionately refer to as “Tassie.” (via Lonely Planet)

5. Patagonia, Argentina + Chile: If mountain ranges and beautiful landscapes are your deal, then you need to check out Patagonia. Make sure to pack your hiking boots so you can trek all around this gorgeous region. (via Travel and Leisure)

6. The Alps, Switzerland: Taking a trip to the Alps is like flying into a real-life postcard. Snowy mountains await you in this Swiss wonderland. Also, it’s one of what we’d imagine are very few places where you can practically bathe in cheese. (via The Foodie)

7. New Zealand: When it comes to the other end of the world, New Zealand is frequently forgotten if you’re not referencing Lord of the Rings. Whether or not you’re a fan of hobbits, it’s one of the world’s loveliest destinations. (via New Zealand Trade Links)

8. Corsica, France: There’s a certain je ne sais quoi that more or less applies to all of France, and Corsica’s totally a contributor to that charm. Cliffside homes and pretty views are all it takes to convince us that we need to be there. (via National Geographic)

9. Hyderabad, India: Travel to India usually brings to mind tourist heavy-hitters like New Delhi and Mumbai. The new frontier for this year is within two hours of the aforementioned cities, and is sure to pique the interest of techies with its nickname, “Cyberabad”. (via India Famous For)

10. Faroe Islands, Denmark: Bright, cheerful homes, miles of greenery and a chance to see adorable puffins? Where do we sign up?? (via Classe Touriste)

11. Havana, Cuba: Now that travel to this island has been okayed again, you should really add Cuba to your list of places to visit. Tons of sun, culture and delicious Latin food await at its shores. Taking a walk through architecturally rich Havana is a stroll you won’t soon forget. (via Galen Fry Singer)

12. Bahamian Riviera: Watch out, Sandals. There’s a new resort in town. Baha Mar is due to open in early 2015 and is the place to be if your vacation wish list includes luxury and pampering in the Bahamas. (via The Bahamian Riviera)

13. Singapore: It has been 50 years since this small country became independent, so it’s sure to be a lively year in Singapore. Don’t miss the chance to ride its signature ferris wheel and walk through its bustling streets once you get there. (via Lonely Planet)

14. Haida Gwaii, British Columbia: Not looking to go t0o far? Head North of the border to this group of islands off British Columbia. It’s an ideal spot for canoeing, hanging around tidal pools and getting some good ol’ R+R. (via Hike Bike Travel)

15. Taipei, Taiwan: Lantern festivals and street food up your alley? Taiwan is a perfect spot if you want a less expensive trip that’s brimming with a new experience at every turn. (via Trip Advisor)

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