In the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks that have occurred in France in recent years (including the truck that drove through a crowd in Nice during Bastille Day celebrations last summer, claiming 84 lives), the city of Paris has just announced a plan to protect the Eiffel Tower (which you may be able to stay in… for free!) from becoming the possible target of a terrorist plot by surrounding it with bulletproof glass.

eiffel tower at sunset

As explained by the Paris mayor’s office, an eight-foot wall of reinforced glass would “replace metal fences put up for the Euro 2016 football tournament” and would aim to stop “individuals or vehicles [from] storming the site,” reports the BBC.

But don’t fret that the glass will take away from the beauty of the structure: One of its functions is actually to help “improve the look” of the site by replacing the temporary metal barricades (which have been a serious eyesore for locals and tourists alike), in addition to “[making] access easier [and strengthening] the protection of visitors and staff.”

“The terror threat remains high in Paris and [its] most vulnerable sites, led by the Eiffel Tower, must be the object of special security measures,” Jean-Francois Martins, assistant mayor for tourism, told the BBC. Every year, more than six million visitors from around the world visit the famous landmark (which makes the projected €20m ($21m) price tag seem totally reasonable, if you ask us).

The project has yet to be officially approved, but if it is, construction will begin later this year.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, photos via Getty)