We were trying to wean ourselves off the fast food, but then Mickie D鈥檚 went and did something so adorable that it made us forget about Supersize Me for just a second. From now until Valentine鈥檚 Day (February 14, folks), you can pay for your Big Mac with the currency of love.

For their #PayWithLovin鈥 campaign, during set times, various McDonald鈥檚 around the country will ring up customers for the price of a family hug, a call to your mom or even a selfie. They launched the campaign with an ad during the Super Bowl. In fact, we have it right here.

The Golden Arches have been seeing a decline in sales given people鈥檚 recent move toward healthier, less processed diets. This ad is part of what CMO Deborah Wahl calls a 鈥journey of transformation鈥 in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. Whether that means we鈥檒l get to pay for food in hugs more often or that they鈥檒l add some organic items to the menu, we can鈥檛 be sure. But, if you were really craving a Big Mac, during the next couple weeks, you could be one of the one million people to get your order for free鈥 that is, assuming you鈥檙e willing to dish out some love.

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