We can’t remember if the groundhog saw his shadow or not but either way, spring is basically here and, whoa, do we have to get it together. Thankfully, Peg is here to help! No, not “Peg with the labelmaker” Peg, though definitely invite her to the party, but Peg, this perforated, brightly-colored board that can help you organize in every room you could use a little organization in.

It may be simple in design, but Peg ($24) is a “multipurpose hub” that wants you to use your imagination. Hang Peg in an entryway to hold keys. Bring it into a dry spot in the bathroom to prop up products or your phone so you can stream tunes while you’re getting ready. Keep Peg in the kitchen and use it as a frame for your smartphone-turned-recipe card and kitchen timer. There’s a small opening on the bottom that allows a cable to easily slip in so you can use it to dock your device anywhere. Place Peg on your desk to keep your electronics, notes and pens accessible against the bright board.

The board comes with small pegs that have a strong hold for your phone or tablet, but a soft enough touch to help organize delicate jewelry or other accessories.

And after we’re done with all this organization business, we have some projects in mind for Peg. We’re picturing a Lite Brite hack with LED lights, an air plant holder, a modern shadow box with propped up pictures and mementos… who’s with us?!

What would YOU use Peg for? Sound off below!