Let’s make one thing clear: this shower curtain is totally our jam.

While the car, the office, and the kitchen are all equal opportunity concert halls, there’s a special place in everyone’s heart for the ultimate judgement-free belt-it-out zone: the shower! Once upon a time, we swooned over this showerhead speaker and ever since, we’ve been on the lookout for new ways to pump up our daily routine with a little more groove. Enter Shower Tunes, a curtain that pumps music, video and more into your tub.

This is basically the coolest shower curtain of all time. It has built-in speakers and a waterproof pouch so you can insert your gadget (tablet, phone, MP3 player) and actually use your device in the shower! That’s right, you can change songs and crank up the volume while you’re washing your hair and belting out the tunes. The technology here isn’t exactly patent-worthy (you could probably DIY your own by stitching a Ziploc bag to the inside of your shower curtain), but the novelty factor certainly has us gushing. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this product show up on the next season of Shark Tank.

It’s not limited to just music either. The pouch lets you see and touch the screen, so you could conceivably watch videos, answer calls, text, and even reply to emails… in the shower! But please, promise us you won’t use it to FaceTime or Snapchat?

We’re not actually entirely sure how we feel about the ability to take our tech in the shower. Part of the beauty of this daily routine is being able to unplug for a few minutes and let our creativity flow, uninterrupted. Our final verdict: we suggest putting your gadget in Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode so that you can watch the new Beyonce video and not worry about getting nagging texts (or surprise FaceTime requests) from your mom while soaping up.

What do you think about Shower Tunes? Will you snag one of these for your shower? Talk to us in the comments below.