Wedding florals come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but nothing is quite as coveted as the peony when it comes to spring weddings. These oversized blooms are fit for any warm-weather bouquet: lush, lovely and laid-back enough to share the spotlight with other summery show-stoppers. Go for poppy colors and a whimsical arrangement to nail that boho look, or stick to soft colors and plenty of greenery for a more minimalist wedding vibe. Any way you pick ’em, the 17 wedding bouquets below will leave you pining for peonies on your big day. Plus, if you use them in season, they won’t break your wedding budget, leaving more room for splurges like an epic photo booth or that dream DJ. Pine on.

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1. Pastel Power: Ribbons, streamers and peonies = pure marital magic. The white poppies also add a nice contrast to the peachy-pink peonies, making it a beautiful addition to any backyard celebration. (Photo via Our Labor of Love / Ruffled)


2. Island Romance: King protea, meet peony. The varying textures in this bouquet will really show in your photographs and keep things unique. (Photo via Julie Harmsen Photography / Ruffled)


3. Dainty Does It: Coral-toned peonies pair perfectly with this combination of deep burgundy and peach to make a perfectly balanced bouquet. This color combo would look gorgeous at any woodland wedding. (Photo via Nastja Kovacec Photography / Ruffled)


4. Summer Lovin’: Large blooms are in style, but this peony gives them all a run for their money. The yellow center and pink petals complement one another and stand out beautifully against a white dress. Feel free to play around with color to match your wedding scheme. (Photo via Jen Wojcik Photography / Style Me Pretty)


5. Summertime Dream: Airy and light, this minimalist bouquet won’t weigh you down as you walk down that aisle. Add a gold ribbon for a sweet finishing touch. (Photo via Britt Spring Photography / Whimsical Wonderland Weddings)


6. Ultimate Elegance: This rich and classic bouquet design is like something out of a fairytale. The sangria-hued blooms combined with feminine pinks will add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your wedding day. (Photo via Rebecca Yale Photography / Style Me Pretty)


7. Peonies + Roses: You can do no wrong with peonies, roses and eucalyptus. Ask your florist for this combo of leaves and florals to complete your romantic, bohemian look. (Photo via Diana McGregor Photography / Style Me Pretty)


8. Pretty in Pink: Even though this bouquet is primarily made up of peonies, it still has that picked-from-the-garden kind of feel. The extra greens add depth and create a gorgeous bed for those blushing blooms. (Photo via Milton Photography / Style Me Pretty)


9. White + Ivory: If you’re looking for an effortless combination of simple whites and greenery, look no further. The white, ivory and green hues here blend together just right. They’re really all you need for a modern, garden-inspired bouquet. (Photo via Sally Pinera / Style Me Pretty)

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10. Secret Garden: Boho nuptials are all about that textured perfection. Match peonies with whimsical greens and lots of other florals to get this look. (Photo via Lara Hotz / Ruffled)


11. Punch of Pink: Attention pink-obsessed gals: This bouquet is for you! Combine peonies in a soft lavender shade with a fun poppy pink to really draw the eye to your bundle. (Photo via Amy Nicole Photography / Ruffled)


12. Red, Red Vines: Wild grass and ferns create a beautiful bed for these rich peonies. While this would look fabulous at any ceremony, it would work especially well for a Valentine’s Day or winter wedding. (Photo via Darya Kamalova Photography / Ruffled)


13. Boho-Chic Bouquet: The combination of free-flowing greenery, king protea and peonies bring bohemia to the forefront in this bouquet. If you’re looking for a whimsical statement piece for your big day, this it definitely it. (Photo via Sharon Litchfield Photography / Ruffled)


14. A Floral Affair: Dare to be bold with florals on your big day. This punchy bouquet is densely packed with show-stopping flowers that will shine in all your photos. (Photo via Sandra Costello / Wedding Chicks)


15. Peachy Keen: This peach and green color combo is *made* for spring weddings. The peonies pair beautifully with Juliet Roses and berries, creating just the right amount of romance. (Photo via Lindsey Orton Photography / Calie Rose)


16. Burgundy Blooms: Feel like royalty on your wedding day with this masterpiece of a bouquet. Rock it with a long sleeved gown to really channel that Kate Middleton look. (Photo via Anne Peters Photography / Elizabeth Anne Designs)


17. Botanical Bouquet: With the scent of lilac and peonies, you’ll be in sweet-scented bouquet heaven on your wedding day. Just don’t forget to include the necessary greenery to balance things out. (Photo via Kelsey Combe Photography / The Botanical Box)

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