We never thought we’d see the day when makeup, perfume and selfies came together into one, compact technology. But that day has come, and we’re kind of freaked out. Sony has just released its new KW1 compact, a combination perfume bottle and selfie camera. And it’s officially very weird.

The bottle is designed to look like the high-end, chic displays you’d spy at Bloomingdales or another luxury department store. But unlike most perfume bottles, it’s also got a 19.2 megapixel camera and a swiveling lens that’s curved to make selfies look more attractive. The camera is even perched on top of the bottle to encourage portrait photos (read: selfies) all the time.

The contraption comes with a 3.3 inch LCD display, built in WiFi, and a flash that’s bedazzled with crystals. We love sparkle as much as the next gal, but this seems just a teensy bit excessive for a glorified camera phone.

Also no one seems to have confirmed whether the perfume bottle serves the purpose of, you know, dispensing a scent. Perhaps it’s just another stylish take on a camera, but to be honest, we had some high expectations for the weirdness factor.

This perfume bottle/camera hybrid is only available in China for now, and ringing in at about $845 USD we’re not sure we are desperate to see them stateside anytime soon. Still, we have to say we like the sleek look and the subtle pastel colors — they remind us of Samsung’s NX Mini, the selfie-taker for the analog lover. Maybe Sony is on to something… or maybe they should pioneer the selfie beauty business?! ;)

What do you think of this weirdly specialized camera? Would you ever use one? We’d love to know your thoughts below!