So maybe you spoiled the lovebirds with some DIY wedding gifts for their big day. Or maybe you opted to lavish the bride and groom in gifts befitting only the hippest of duos. Good news: Your incredible gift-gifting prowess for their big day set the bar pretty darn high. Bad news: Now you have no freaking clue what to get them, and more than a few tablespoons of holiday stress and exhaustion to beat. But we’ve got you covered! Read on for the best customized newlywed presents to have the happy couple glowing with glee (and monogrammed-infused bliss).


1. Custom Address Stamp ($44): If you ask us, it’s tough to get much cuter than this. And hey, let’s give your favorite newlyweds a reason to actually look forward to writing those thank-you notes.


2. Anchored in Love Throw Pillow ($40): Let the over-the-moon couple set sail on a marriage filled with blissful, carefree movie marathons on the couch. Cue the best of December Netflix


3. Monogram Boxed Votive ($12): It’s easy to transfer any house into a home with the help of these fantastic (and fantastic-smelling) candles. With a red cedar fragrance profile, notes of lemon, mandarin orange, cocoa beans and more will waft through the house with an intoxicating scent.


4. Traveling Jewel Box ($48): If the couple is taking their honeymoon over the holidays, this is the perfect gift to ensure they don’t lose their rings while snorkeling. And did we mention just how adorably cute this canvas case is?


5. Custom Leather Wrapped Flask ($32): Ah, the gift that keeps on giving. Allow the newlyweds to drink in style as they toast to their new initials. Bonus: They’ll seriously thank you for a present that helps ’em survive their first holiday season with the new in-laws. Cheers to that!


6. Custom Mixtape Pillow ($35): They newlyweds surely got enough serving spoons and spatulas to last them a lifetime. A personalized pillow to commemorate their favorite tune is a sweet addition to their decked-out home. Snag it at the B+C Shop and let the sound night’s sleep start rollin’.


7. Cheese Board ($38): Do you really need more of an excuse to buy this, beyond the fact that life’s plain better with cheese? To round out the gift, throw in your favorite local cheese and a batch of homemade crackers. (If you’re including cheese, just make sure they’re opening the gift right away so it can be devoured or refrigerated for later use.)

8. Personalized Lucite Trays ($107): Game, set, showtime. With a sophisticated tray like this, the cheery duo will look forward to entertaining on the fly (it’s great for both outdoor and indoor use). Its large size also makes it a great venue to display art, jewelry and more.


9. Personalized Ice Bucket ($38): The newlyweds will love showing off their new bar with this adorable monogrammed ice bucket. Pair it with a bottle of bubbly for serious #GiftEnvy skills.

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