We thought our days of beer pong were (almost) over, but then these Hong Kong designers at Huzi came up with a ping pong coffee table and now we’re rethinking our retirement from tabletop sports. Because, coffee pong! Really though, this table would be fun for the whole family… not just the crazy aunts throwing ping pong balls into coffee mugs.

This birch ping pong coffee table is multi-use. One minute, it looks just like a minimal, modern coffee table from IKEA. The next, it’s a dust-free chalkboard for the kids’ art projects (or for your wine and cheese night). The next, it’s a ping pong bonanza!

Those his and hers paddles? How cute. They totally belong in a photo booth.

The special balls that come with the table are softer and quieter than regular ping pong balls so you won’t disturb everybody in the living room with your tournaments. A huge plus if you’re playing with little ones (or crazy aunts).

We got next! You in?