Ladies, we鈥檝e all been there. Your face is breaking out, your emotions are running wild and your jeans are feeling more than a little snug. All signs point to one thing: your period is coming. In preparation for the week ahead, sometimes all you want is a pint of ice cream and an hour an a half cry fest (AKA The Notebook). You could head over to the grocery store and get your old friends Ben and Jerry to hook you up with some Phish Food or Liz Lemon fro-yo, but what you really want is probably this PMS ice-cream.

Before you shed a river of happy tears, we should tell you that these ice cream flavors aren鈥檛 so much actual ice cream flavors, but rather a project designed by graphic artist Parker Jones. The three flavors Jones designed are titled: Don鈥檛 Come Near Me (Rocky Road), I Think I鈥檓 Dying (Strawberry Swirl) and I Need Some More (Mint Chip). We鈥檝e never known ice cream to speak directly to our soul, but that may have just happened.

Aside from being super witty and well designed, Jones also included a hilarious seven day thought process on the side of the ice cream container. It鈥檚 so accurate you might think she鈥檚 reading your mind.

While you can鈥檛 pick these pints up at your bodega just yet, the idea has become so popular we鈥檙e guessing it won鈥檛 be long until someone makes this idea a reality. Offer an ice cream + Midol combo pack and you can bet those premenstrual women will come running.

What鈥檚 your favorite flavor of PMS ice cream ? Share with us in the comments below.