Some of us know when that time of the month is coming around even without the use of a tracking app, all because of an uncharacteristic, less-than-stellar disposition. Instead of just waiting it out, we prefer to take a multifaceted approach with food, fitness and friends. These 14 fabulous recipes will take care of the former by incorporating an assortment of mood-boosting foods into your diet. Featuring everything from vitamin-packed to crave-worthy creations — often with a little overlap — these delish recipes will help ease the dread over the arrival of your monthly visitor. To enhance things further, consider pairing these selections with a subscription box that includes monthly essentials along with a few (non-edible) indulgences.

1. The “I Want Chocolate Cake” Cake: The title alone speaks to us big time. No question, the double dose of chocolate in this easy-to-make cake is certain to be a solid cure for crankiness. (via Smitten Kitchen)

Baked Three-Cheese Italian Penne Pasta

2. Baked Three-Cheese Italian Penne Pasta: This creamy baked mac and cheese is loaded with mood-boosting calcium and comfort. (via Oh So Delicioso)

Tart Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Cashew Granola Bars

3. Tart Cherry, Dark Chocolate and Cashew Granola Bars: Sometimes a snack is all we need to turn our frowns upside down. And these protein-packed, chocolate- and fruit-studded ones will surely do the trick. (via Love and Zest)

Apple Fritter Bites

4. Apple Fritter Bites: These fritters are a whole lot easier to throw together than donuts, but are no less satisfying. Plus, there’s a whole bunch of fruit stirred into the batter, so they’re even kinda healthy… right? (via Say Yes)

Miso-Stewed Short Ribs French Dip Sandwich

5. Miso-Stewed Short Ribs French Dip Sandwich: You’ll love biting into this crispy, grown-up grilled cheese stuffed with tender short ribs. And luckily, the benefits go beyond just comfort with a healthy dose of happy-making probiotics and iron courtesy of miso and beef. (via Lady and Pups)

Good Mood Cookies

6. Good Mood Cookies: We’ve yet to meet a cookie that didn’t make us happier, but these biscuits kick things up a notch with mood-boosting cinnamon and nutmeg. (via Look What I Made)

A Feel Good Lunch Bowl

7. A Feel Good Lunch Bowl (Vegan): Enjoy this brightly colored bowl loaded with veggies, whole grains and beans noon or night — it’s delicious served hot or cold. (via Oh She Glows)

Salted Olive Oil Brownie

8. Salted Olive Oil Brownie: These fudgy, salted chocolate brownies eschew butter in favor of nutrient-rich olive oil. (via Savory Simple)

Sweet Potato and Falafel Burger

9. Sweet Potato and Falafel Burger (Vegan): Chickpeas and sweet potatoes are a dream team, packing a ton of flavor and B vitamins into every bite of these satisfying falafel pockets. (via Dreamy Leaf)

Cashew Ice Cream

10. Cashew Ice Cream (Vegan): There’s a lot to love about this creamy, maple-syrup-sweetened cashew ice cream: It only requires three ingredients, is dairy-free and packs stress-fighting magnesium into every scoop. (via Love and Zest)

Santa Fe Black Bean Burgers

11. Santa Fe Black Bean Burgers: Smokey chipotle salt gives these veggie burgers a subtle meaty taste. A generous dollop of guacamole is the perfect finishing touch. (via Vodka and Biscuits)

Matcha Chocolate Cupcakes

12. Matcha Chocolate Cupcakes: Wash these rich chocolate and matcha cupcakes down with a mugful of green tea for an on-point and totally relaxing experience. (via Nibs and Greens)

Ginger Garlic Baked Salmon

13. Ginger Garlic Baked Salmon: Even novice chefs can find success with this baked salmon. It’s an easy and delicious way to load up on omega-3s. (via Rasa Malaysia)

Lavender Earl Grey Bundt Cake With Lemon Vanilla Glaze

14. Lavender Earl Grey Bundt Cake With Lemon Vanilla Glaze: Pair slices of this lavender-dotted bundt with a cup of chamomile for extra enjoyment. (via Oatgasm)

What are some of your favorite mood-boosting recipes or foods? Share with us below!