It’s no secret that we love polka dots here at Brit + Co. Another one of our favorite things? Dessert! Put the two together and you can’t go wrong. We’ve rounded up 20 pretty polka dot desserts you should make ASAP.

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In just 35 minutes you’ll learn how to make a delicious three-layer vanilla buttercream cake with colorful polka dots to show off!


Alright, now let’s get to the good stuff. Read on for some of our favorite polka dot recipes!


1. Polka Dot Rainbow Cupcakes: Let’s start out simple with this adorable cupcakes recipe that will brighten up anyone’s day. (via tablespoon)


2. Polka Dot Cheesecake: Make your cheesecake ultra-adorable by adding chocolate polka dots. (via Zoom Yummy)


3. Polka Dot Cheesecake Brownie: These cheesecake brownies can easily be customized for any upcoming holidays. Umm, pink and red polka dot cheesecake brownies, anyone? (via Bailey Bakes)


4. Polka Dot French Meringues: Decorate simple French meringues with colorful chocolate candies to really make them pop. Plus, the kiddos will love them! (via Chef Nini)


5. Nutella Hot Chocolate: Baby, it’s cold outside. Sip on yummy hot chocolate, complete with whipped cream, cinnamon, chocolate shavings and colorful sprinkles for that polka dot finish. (via Momtastic)


6. Polka Dot Cake with Strawberry and Rhubarb: You’re not even going to want to eat this cake. It’s so pretty. But you have to — there’s strawberry and rhubarb goodness inside! (via Rasberri Cupcakes)


7. Dotted Steam Cupcakes: Oven down? No problem. These adorable cupcakes were steamed. How cool is that? Plus, they’re filled with JAM. (via LRF)


8. Jumbo Sixlets Cookies : Mix Sixlets candies into your favorite cookie dough for a new twist on traditional chocolate chip cookies. Delicious, candy-coated goodness. (via love + olive oil)


9. Surprise-Inside Dotty Cake: You’ll bring a smile to everyone’s face when you slice open this baby. Yummy pound cake with a fun surprise inside? Yes, please! (via In Katrina’s Kitchen)


10. Colorful Buttercream Cake: Learn how to make this lovely cake in no time with a video tutorial from an actual pastry chef. (via Brit + Co)


11. Ladybug Cake: How fun is this ladybug cake? We’re told kids love it, but we’re crazy about it, too. (via My Pastries)


12. Cream Pie: This cake is simple to make and extremely delicious. The kicker? The top and bottom are made out of Oreo cookie crumbs. Come on! (Kanela And Lemon)


13. Polka Dot Inside-And-Out Cake: We’re going dotty over this cake. It’s perfect for a polka dot-themed birthday party, don’t you think? (via Handmade Charlotte)


14. Dotty Heart Cookies: These cookies look like they’re a lot of work, but the recipe is actually quite simple. Show off your decorating skills with these treats. (via The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle)


15. Polka Dot Cheesecake Sandwich Bars: Mini cheesecake bars sandwiched between graham crackers. Need we say more? (via Today Home)


16. Polka Dot Cupcakes: You can completely skip the frosting on these cupcakes. Why, you ask? These colorful cakes have a secret creamy filling. (via Land O Lakes)


17. Polka Dot Cut-Out Cake: This recipe has a lot of steps, but we know that YOU have mad skills. Plus, you’ll be a glorified baker when your friends keep asking how you made this colorful polka dot cake. (via McCormick)


18. Mini White Chocolate Cheesecake: The texture of these mini cheesecakes is mouth-numbingly-addictive. Sprinkled with ginger and coconut, plus polka dots, these minis are the perfect addition to your next dinner party. (via The Kawaii Kitchen)


19. Spotted Banana Bars: Do you have ripe bananas that are about to go bad? Mix them up in this recipe to make these spotted bars. (via Daily Fix)


20. Easter Polka Dot Cake: We’re not going to lie… this springy cake is a little time-consuming, but the steps are pretty easy. Plus, there are SO. MANY. POLKA. DOTS. #loveit (via Sugar Hero)

Do you have a fun polka dot dessert recipe? Share your dotty treats with us on Instagram. Make sure to use #britstagram so we can check them out!