The second we spotted this super fun Lazy Oaf dress over on Nasty Gal, we fell in love. But once we saw that $100 price tag, it quickly became a tortured kind of love affair. Being the resourceful gals we are, we decided to keep that $100 (well most of it, anyway) and DIY our own version for a fraction of the price. We’re thinking we might spend that extra dough on the perfect handbag to complement our new frock.



– fabric paint

– cardboard

– pom-pom trim

– white dress


– tulip sponge pouncers

– sewing machine

– sewing pins



1. Place the cardboard in between the front and back of the dress so the fabric paint doesn’t bleed through.

2. Dab the sponge brush into the fabric paint and add polka dots to the area of the dress that’s backed by cardboard.

3. Let the paint dry completely.

4. Once you’ve finished painting, pin the pom pom trim to the hem of the dress and attach it using a sewing machine.

5. Put it on and wear it everywhere.


Pro tip: the more brushes the better! Since we used six colors and only had two brushes, we were doing A LOT of rinsing.


If you want to speed up the drying process, pin the dress to the cardboard with sewing pins and add a little bit of heat with a blow dryer.


Turn the dress inside out and pin the pom pom trim all along the bottom hem. We needed about four yards of trim for our dress.


You’re sew close now!


Turn your dress right side out and voila!


It’s the perfect dress to wear for the rest of summer (it’s not over quite yet, you know).


I mean, how fun is this?!


BRB, we’re just going to go put pom poms on everything we own now.

Have you DIYed any garments you’ve eyed online recently? Tell us all about it in the comments below.