Pom-poms have been taking over life as we know it as of late, adorning everything from our festival headbands to our wrapping paper. The one place we haven’t seen these fuzzy little beauties pop up, however, is in the kitchen. That’s all about to change, as Australian teacher and home baker Katherine Sabbath, who regularly dreams up stunning dessert creations that look (and taste!) divine, has just introduced us to the pom-pom cake, and we’re seriously shook.

Sabbath took to Instagram to debut her jaw-dropping dessert, and not only does it sound delicious, what with its “dreamy marshmallowy domes of coconut-flecked fluff” that cuddle up to a vanilla velvet cake,” it looks like a fluffy rainbow come to life. Better yet, as its maker puts it, it’s “so cute you’ll actually die.”

The recipe is one of 40 (!!) featured in the DIY chef’s cookbook, Greatest Hits ($95), which, just like her dreamy creations, is a work of art — Traditional cookbook, this is not, folks!

In addition to listing”some of Katherine’s most iconic and well-loved cakes and recipes,” your eyes will be in for a feast, too, courtesy of the 10 pop-up images featured inside, which are seriously unique.

Honestly, we’d buy it just to figure out how she makes that gorgeous pom-pom creation alone.

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