We are still about two weeks from the start of PSL season but the latest beverage news is making us hoppy — and is a welcome distraction to the pumpkin spice-fueled countdown currently happening nationwide.

People love craft beer. A lot of people also love tossing Pop-Tarts into the toaster on a morning that needs a little more nostalgia. Not seeing the relationship between the two? There is one now thanks to San Francisco-based brewing company 21st Amendment and it is about to be the only thing we’re gonna want to order at happy hour, and even brunch, for the rest of the year.


21st Amendment — famous for its popular (and my fave) summer brew Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer — recently revealed its newest seasonal flavor, Toaster Pastry. Debuting August 29 at the brewery’s grand opening celebration at its San Leandro location, the India Red Ale is an homage to the classic kiddy treat Pop-Tarts. Though not a lot is known about Toaster Pastry’s actual flavor at the moment, the 19.2 ounce can and 7.6% alcohol by volume beer will hopefully have hints of Frosted Strawberry or Brown Sugar Cinnamon as it is being produced in the same factory Kellogg Co. used to make Frosted Flakes and those on-the-go breakfast options.


Toaster Pastry is the latest breakfast option to go the brew route. Just two weeks ago HefeWheaties, a collab between General Mills and Fulton Beer, was announced for everyone to taste “The Breakfast of Champions” in a hoppier form. TIME also reports the food manufacturer is working with Colorado’s Black Bottle Brewery to bring back a Count Chocula-flavored brew as early as next week. Is it just us or is the next drink frontier breakfast-focused beer? We’re definitely into it.

Will you be picking up 21st Amendment’s Toaster Pastry India Red-Ale when it’s released? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Andrew Burton/Getty, General Mills + @21stamendment)