We’re guilty when it comes to turning to the Internet for distractions (oh hey, Taylor Swift’s belly button and Type to Design!), but we have a feeling the newest one is going to keep us going for quite some time. Folks, here’s your time waster for the rest of summer: PopKey. It’s a way-too-easy-to-download desktop app that delivers GIFs. Now you can have ALL the GIFs, all day long. Once it pops up on your toolbar (right next to your date and time — good luck trying not to be lured in by the adorable octopus icon), you can just start browsing for GIFs.


GIFS are broken down into categories like “trending” and “featured,” and you can search for things like Olsen twins, otters and, of course, cats — lots and lots of cats.


Here’s what’s currently trending and featured:


A dog getting a bath is cute, but a dog with bulging eyes getting a bath is just hilarious.


Who taught this little guy how to throw shade? Well done, friend. Well done.


LOL! Goats are hilarious. It’s just an umbrella, dude!


This is the GIF equivalent of me typing out “salkdjfdlakfjad;lkfjalfdalfasdf.” We feel ya, Kermie.

And our personal favorite:


We’ve got no words for this. We’re still not even sure what it is, but it makes us laugh like crazy every time we see it. Which is a lot, since it’s now living on our desktop!

Good luck getting that report in by Friday! It looks like you’re going to need a lot more time for… ahem, creativity.

What’s your all time favorite GIF? Link us in the comments!