Taylor Swift鈥檚 legs are rumored to be insured for $40 million dollars, but it鈥檚 her belly button that seems to garner the most attention 鈥 or rather lack there of. The midriff loving lady has been seen in many a crop top, but always paired with a high-waisted bottom. The constantly concealed belly button has become quite the topic of discussion. So much so that when T. Swift went on vacation in Hawaii she Instagrammed a photo of her in a bikini before the paparazzi could beat her to it. Although the celeb has rarely revealed the body part since her tropical excursion, it seems as though she made and exception during a recent fan photo.

And of course, after a glimpse of the once exclusive body part was placed on the worldwide web, the people of the Internet went berserk. The fan photo was recently posted as the subject of a Reddit photoshop battle and as you can probably imagine, hilarity (and some seriously NSFW images) ensued. Check out some of the best Photoshopped SFW images below.

1. Taylor the Clone: One of the best and simplest takes on the photo was this image that imagines T. Swift without any belly button at all.

2. Orangutan Pouch: Kangaroos ain鈥檛 got nothing on Taylor. (via CatbirdOnAStick)

3. Six Pack Abs: Looks like all those recent hangouts with Calvin Harris and his super toned six pack have really rubbed off on Ms. Swift. (Photo via 4twentee)

4. Black Hole Belly Button: The creator of this one writes, 鈥淚f you gaze into her navel long enough, it too shall gaze into you.鈥

What鈥檚 your favorite take on T. Swift鈥檚 belly button? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Reddit)