Whether you鈥檙e commuting and bored or twiddling your thumbs at work聽and hitting that proverbial聽productivity brick wall 鈥 it happens to us all. Instead of opening up that Facebook newsfeed filled with babies + engagements, getting depressed by all the news on聽your Twitter timeline or becoming聽hangry c/o all the food porn popping up on your Instagram feed, try something a little different this afternoon to pass the time. Bookmark聽Type to Design聽now, the latest office procrastination tool you鈥檙e bound to get hooked on. Once you X out of that聽soulmate test + the bot that tells聽you how old you look, of course ;)


The latest tool for a little office mind break聽is what鈥檚 waiting for you at the crossroads between聽Instagram and typography. Head to聽Type to Design,聽insert a word, phrase or name into the blank page and your聽screen will automatically fill up with letters from the Instagram account聽36 Days of Type. Not a fan of the way a letter in your word creation looks? Simply hit the refresh button on the letter and a new one will pop up in its place until you鈥檙e satisfied. Which, if you鈥檙e looking to waste a ton of time, could be forever ;) Then share that masterpiece with everyone 鈥 well, maybe not your boss 鈥 through a DL or on social media.


This聽Instagram-generated typographic phrase-making machine was developed by Amsterdam-based creative agency SuperHeroes using Instagram鈥檚 open API. By incorporating the 36 Days of Type Instagram feed 鈥 an outlet for designers and illustrators to showcase their daily unique letterform creations 鈥 Type to Design players are able to explore the endless possibilities of type. See, it鈥檚 not聽actually聽a waste of time ;)

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(h/t Wired)