Let’s be honest: We don’t all have celebrity-sized walk-in closets. (Sigh… if only.) We have to be smart about the space we have, and aside from being organized, there’s one more thing that helps: convertible clothing. A piece that transforms into multiple looks is not only a spacesaver, but also a win for your wallet. Enter the Popshop Convert-a-Skirt Overalls.


Designed by Popshop vintage curator Noemi Garcia, the first look is a pair of ’70s-inspired denim overalls, perfect for a picnic in Golden Gate Park. It is made in San Francisco, after all.


Detach the straps, and you’ve got a mid-rise, A-line denim skirt that’s a must-have for spring. Not only does the whole piece do triple duty, but this skirt can work for both the office and the bar.


The button detail is super cute, and we all know stretch denim is a godsend.


If you thought the top of the overalls would be useless while you’re rocking just the skirt, think again. The top converts into a cute, matching crossbody bag.


Is this on your spring wardrobe wish list yet? It’s definitely on ours — budget style FTW.

What are your must-have pieces of convertible clothing? Let us know in the comments!