Smart homes are all the rage these days. From smart bulbs to high-tech kitchen appliances, the list of ways to make your home *that* much more techy is endless. The home of the future has certainly graced us with its presence, and we are not mad about it. Next up? High-tech appliances for your bedroom. Think smart mattresses, fancy nightlights and snooze-reducing alarm clocks. Scroll on through to see our recent gadget finds that’ll make sleeping and waking that much better.


1. Plasma Nightlight: Say hello to the coolest nightlightever. The plasma-current effect it emits is all kinds of awesome.


2. Sleep Number c2 Bed: This mattress helps you track and optimize your sleep. Pretty cool, huh?


3. Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector: This Sony projector allows you to turn your wall (or ceiling!) into a life-sized window or movie theater. And, if you’re short on space, this projector is perfect for you as it sits just seven inches from the wall.


4. Withings Aura: Tuck this sleep sensor under your mattress, accessorize your nightstand with the bedside device and monitor your sleep using your iPhone. Sounds good to us!


5. Elgato Avea Mood Light: In the mood for some extravagant mood lighting? The Elgato Avea mood light will leave your bedroom ultra colorful.


6. Nest Thermostat: We’ve talked about the Nest thermostat before, and we’re still just as obsessed. Too toasty under your blankets? Make it a little cooler with your smartphone. Really, it’s that easy.


7. Samsung 4K UHD TV: Because flat screen TVs are *so* 2014. The Samsung curved TV is a must for your Friday night in.


8. Big Ass Fans Haiku: If traditional fans just aren’t going to cut it in your home, Big Ass Fans are perfect for you. Trust, this one’s the smallest fan they make.

9. Luna Mattress Cover: Make your mattress a smart bed using the Luna mattress cover, which warms your bed and tracks your sleep. *added to cart*


10. Ramos Alarm Clock: To turn this bad boy off, you have to actually get OUT of bed. Sounds kind of torturous, but definitely genius for those of us who hit the snooze button one too many times.

What smart home appliances do you own? Talk to us in the comments.