As self-described color fiends, we know more than anyone that taming your desktop collection of spectrum-wide gel pens, paint pens + markers is a total chore. But as the saying goes, makers gonna make, and so we’ve never considered streamlining our ever-growing stash until we heard about Scribble, a color-capturing pen that lets you draw with any color you see.

Launching on Kickstarter on July 7, Scribble is basically a color scanner and color picker in the most functional form any artist or color lover could ask for. Plus, it’s super intuitive to use: Point its sensor-embedded cap at a color that inspires you, hit the capture button and Scribble will instantly transfer that exact hue to either paper or your mobile device.

Poised to replace your entire Sharpie collection (though we don’t know if we’ll ever be ready to live in a Sharpie-free world :,( ), the analog version is equipped with built-in ink cartridges that can mix up to 16 million unique colors before the pen hits the paper!!! Scribble was designed to be a long-lasting drawing implement — its creators claim it can emit stunning color consistently for up to several months of use, or the time it takes to prep for one epic DIY wedding. Just like a printer, you’ll be able to recharge (+ recycle) single colors within your cartridge for about $3-$10.

Scribble also comes in a stylus version that will let you doodle up to 100,000 colors on your iOS, Android or Windows mobile device of choice. Both forms of the pen use Bluetooth technology to connect with the free Scribble+ app that acts as your digital palette where you can organize, tag and search for every color you’ve waved the magic wand at. The wireless pens require no Internet connection to work, which means you can stay creative even when you’re off the grid (just be sure to charge it via Micro USB before you start on that sunset hike!).

Besides being a go-to tool for all kinds of artists + designers, as well as give your kiddos a major creative boost, Scribble’s practical uses could make our relationship with color much more fluid. Imagine zapping the gadget at an existing paint color and using the digital rendering to match it exactly to swatches at the hardware store (did you ever think painting prep could be so painless?), or using it to color check your palette across invites, decor + favors for major events. Brides-to-be, sounds like peace of mind to us! — WE wish Scribble’s color-matching wizardry was available in time for Re:Make (have you marked your iCals yet?). You guys wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find the right shade of “Brit + Co. Mint” anything. Early backers can grab the pen for 20% off the price of $145.95 for the ink pen or $79.95 for the digital doodler, shipping dates TBD.

How would this point + scan pen change the way you work with color? How do you see yourself using the Scribble? Tell us in the comments below.