Here鈥檚 something we recently discovered: When using Google Street View, you can adjust the image to go back through the photos that Google has taken over the years of that particular locale, and it鈥檚 kind of awesome. But what about the places that you want to see pictures of before Google鈥檚 van drove around the world? Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, Pivot is an app that lets you see what a spot looked like in the past. Just point your phone or tablet in that direction, and the building, street or field in front of you transforms into history.


Once you download the app, you鈥檒l get notifications whenever you鈥檙e around 鈥減ivot鈥 points. Simply raise your phone to see what that place looked like at a certain point in time in history 鈥 probably in sepia tone. It鈥檚 not #TBT or a new Instagram filter 鈥 it鈥檚 actual history happening right in front of you, whether you鈥檙e traveling or right in your hometown.


Creator Asma Jaber and her fianc茅e Sami Jitan told Wired that they created the app to see Asma鈥檚 father鈥檚 town from the time when he was growing up. She鈥檚 using it as a way to preserve places throughout history using some seriously futuristic technology.


To get all the images, Pivot sources online archives, and they鈥檙e hoping people will add photos of their own to the app as well. Pivot鈥檚 Kickstarter raised over $33,000 last month, and they鈥檙e planning to bring the app to Android and iOS in the fall starting with historic views of Cambridge, Massachussets and Palestine, then spreading to other cities. You can sign up for updates and even to be a beta tester.


What towns do you think have the most scenic histories? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Wired)