Some marriage proposals completely catch you off guard. But oftentimes, there’s a gut feeling, a dropped hint from your gal pal or a big event on the horizon that has you thinking the big question is probably about to be popped. Perhaps you and your partner have already gone ring shopping or had a heart-to-heart about your future together. While you don’t want to make yourself crazy preparing for your partner to drop down on one knee —especially if your hunch isn’t actually correct — there are a couple of easy things you can do to make sure you’re ready for the big moment. Here’s how to prep for the proposal without going overboard.


1. Get your nails done. It’s safe to say that ragged cuticles never complemented a shiny new ring. Treat yourself to a manicure so that your digits look their best. If you’re not into nail polish, just ask for a clear top coat. (Photo via John Yates – Celladora Photography)

2. Practice that ring selfie. Okay, not everyone is a selfie person. But when you have that ring on your finger, you just may turn into one. You for sure don’t have to post a selfie on social media, but you may want a fun photo with your ring — and your fiance! — after the proposal, so you can capture the memory forever. There’s nothing wrong with doing a test run (or 20) so you can get the angle just right in the actual moment.

3. Reflect on your response. Aside from saying yes (which, hopefully, is a no-brainer!), you may want to ruminate on something you’d like to say to your partner after the question is asked. Clearly, you don’t want to have some memorized speech prepared, but your significant other is likely going to say some sweet things about how he or she feels about you and it may be nice to at least have some idea of what you might want to say in return. More than likely, if you don’t take the time to do this, you may be too tongue tied in the moment.

4. Think about how you might want to handle social media. Take a second to contemplate how and when you’d like to share the news on social media, as that’s going to come up pretty soon after the question is popped. Some couples like to have some special time with their secret news, while others can’t wait to Instagram their engagement. Have a general idea of where you stand on this before the proposal.

5. Wear waterproof mascara. Even if you think you’re not a crier, you may need it!

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Post originally written by Natasha Burton