We’re always excited when dinner looks like snack time. Whether it’s a steaming platter of nachos smothered with cheese and fixings or a fancier take on your favorite bar foods, it’s hard not to get excited for supper when a white cloth napkin isn’t required. And pretzels, which you already love on their own and in sweet-yet-salty desserts, are great at helping your evening meal taste a little more relaxed. From hot dogs to burger buns to crispy chicken nuggets, it’s time to shake up your usual recipe repertoire with these 14 pretzel recipes now.

1. Pretzel Crusted Chicken and Cheddar Waffle Sliders: Chicken and waffles is an even better meal when you can eat it with your hands. Add some bacon jam and spicy jalapeños, and you’ll be in foodie heaven. (via Ready to Yumble)

2. Taco Stuffed Pretzels: Sometimes, you just get tired of tortillas. In the rare case when that happens, you can opt for stuffing your taco filling into a soft, homemade pretzel pocket. (via A Zesty Bite)

3. Pretzel Bread and Quinoa Stuffing: You’ve been eating stuffing out of a box for far too long. Change things up with this homemade recipe that has more flavor and texture than anything pre-made. (via How Sweet Eats)

4. Andouille and Cheddar Pretzel Sticks: Smokey, spicy andouille sausage gives every recipe bold flavor. Stuff inside a pretzel stick along with melted cheddar cheese for a dish that works as a fork-free dinner or an on-the-go snack. (via With Salt and Pepper)

5. Pretzel Ranch Popcorn Chicken: This is the most flavorful four-ingredient popcorn chicken recipe you’re likely to find. The secret is marinating the chicken in ranch and buttermilk. (Recipe Diaries)

6. Cherry BBQ Chicken Grilled Cheese: Add cherries to your barbecue sauce to make this subtly fruity chicken. A pretzel baguette and pickled garnishes make the sandwich complete. (via Whole Bite Blog)

7. Citrus Chicken Salad With Pretzel Croutons: Crunchy croutons are essential to any well-rounded salad. Toss them with cayenne-dusted chicken fingers and a citrus-Sriracha dressing for a satisfying dinner. (via Homemaker’s Habitat)

8. Pretzel Chicken Melts: After you’ve tried this homemade honey mustard sauce, you’ll never return to the bottled kind again. Smear on your sub roll before assembling your sandwich, but keep some extra on the side so you can dunk as you go too. (via Love and Risotto)

9. Popcorn Cauliflower: Take a shortcut with this recipe by using flavored pretzel bites to coat your cauliflower. It’s a fun vegetarian alternative to chicken nuggets that kids and adults will both love. (via Kirbie Cravings)

10. Reuben Pretzel Sliders: Need a new go-to party dish? Look no further than these Reuben pretzel sliders, which you can make ahead, then pop in the oven when guests arrive. (via Belly Full)

11. Halloumi Burgers With Grilled Ramp Chimichurri: Just in case griddled halloumi, golden-brown on the outside and oh-so-cheesy, wasn’t enough, this flavor-packed burger is topped with grilled ramp chimichurri too. Sandwich it all between toasted pretzel buns that have been spread with ramp butter. (via The Original Dish)

12. Pretzel Dog Recipe: Golden on the outside, soft and fluffy within, these pretzel dogs are a treat. Serve them with mustard or some warm queso dip if you’re feeling really wild. (via I Heart Eating)

13. Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fingers: Simple chicken fingers become more than the sum of their parts when they’re made with a perfectly crunchy coating. Add some onion flakes, not powder, for extra flavor. (via Sprinkles and Sprouts)

14. Blackened Salmon Sliders: Tender, rich salmon tops these sliders, along with some tangy-sweet pineapple. Avocado and sprouts finish them off for a pleasant contrast of creamy and crunchy with each bite. (via A Sassy Spoon)

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