1. Cry. Of course tributes from celebrities poured in by the second all day yesterday with the news of Prince鈥檚 untimely death, and Snapchat even released a Purple Rain filter, but it certainly did not stop there 鈥 major cities around the world lit iconic structures in purple to honor the iconic musician as well. The Eiffel Tower, L.A. City Hall, The Forum, the CN Tower and many more mourned with their cities, and the photos are truly something. Take some time and comb through them today.

2. Michelle Obama will be on an episode of NCIS.EW reports that the she鈥檒l play herself in an episode that will be set in the White House, and will feature a roundtable on the Joining Forces initiative that she co-founded. Will it be as good as her Parks and Recreation cameo? Only time will tell. (via EW)

Mariah Carey Cribs

3. STOP EVERYTHING: MTV Cribs is coming back 鈥 on Snapchat. That鈥檚 right, the classic MTV show that brought you inside musicians鈥 homes will start airing on MTV鈥檚 Snapchat sometime in June, as part of the network鈥檚 move back to its roots (not the Snapchat part, duh). Instead of camera crews, musicians will selfie-guide viewers straight into their bathtub, as Mariah Carey did on her episode back in the day, and will no doubt face swap with their pets. We can鈥檛 wait. (via Variety, photo via MTV)

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.20.53 AM

4. Put your beef rumors to bed everybody 鈥 Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna are apparently just fine. There have been rumors that Rob Kardashian鈥檚 recent relationship with Blac Chyna has been putting stress on the Kardashian and Jenner clan. And whether or not that is actually the truth, Kylie and her brother鈥檚 fianc茅e (um, and also Kylie鈥檚 boyfriend鈥檚 ex) Blac Chyna have decided to publicly put an end to the chatter the way people do these days 鈥 by appearing in each other鈥檚 Snapchats. 鈥淲hen we鈥檝e been best friends the whole time鈥︹ read the caption on a snap Kylie sent, and in one of Blac Chyna鈥檚 with the same mirror selfie she wrote 鈥淗anging out with my lil sis.鈥 The two also proceeded to face swap, so you know it鈥檚 real. (via @kylizzlesnapchats)

5. This paddleboarder escaping a close encounter with a whale is you getting through the week. Congratulations, and TGIF!

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淒early beloved, we are gathered here today, to get through this thing called life.鈥 鈥 Prince, 鈥淟et鈥檚 Go Crazy鈥