Artist and maker Sarah Symes takes abstract art to a whole new level. This isn’t like the splatter paintings of Pollock or the mismatched faces of Picasso. Sarah doesn’t use paint at all in her art. Instead, she uses textiles.

Sarah has always had a passion for fabric art, and studied architecture in London before pursuing graphic design. According to her artist statement, she tries to “conjure emotion through color and manipulate composition to suggest familiar forms and landscapes.”

She uses a self-discovered process, beginning with a sketch. After selecting her desired fabrics, Sarah washes or hand-dyes them as needed. Then, she cuts the fabrics and stitches them together on a sewing machine.

Sarah calls this an “improvised” process, and compares it to collaging. It allows for a layering effect that creates many different colors and textures (swoon).

After creating her textiles, Sarah stretches them over a wooden frame and adds a hanging wire, perfect for any wall in your house!

Get her work on her Etsy site! And watch her amazing step-by-step video for added inspiration!

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