Let鈥檚 talk earbuds. Think beyond the plain white ones that came with your iPhone and start considering some real conversation starters. Some quirky, fun, cool buds that鈥檒l make listening to your tunes way more fun. Whether you鈥檙e buying them as stocking stuffers or just as the perfect accessory to add some spunk to your morning run, these earbuds are sure to turn some heads.

1.聽Pom Pom Earbuds聽($18): Just think of these as mini muffs for your ear canals.

2.聽The Fox and the Sound Earbuds ($15): What does the fox say? Probably, 鈥淚鈥檓 so adorable. Let鈥檚 rock out together.鈥

3.聽Ear Drops Tiara Earphones with Mic ($50): Is girly-glam more your style? These are the perfect accessory if you can鈥檛 leave the house without wearing at least a little bit of metallic.

4.聽Kitschy Cute Sushi Earphones ($35): Don鈥檛 let your love for sushi end when you put down the chopsticks.

5.聽Milk & Cookies Earbuds ($16): Your favorite tunes and you go together like milk and cookies.

6.聽Rosebud Earbuds ($3): Citizen Kane approved: We鈥檙e down for any product that鈥檚 a pun, and involves sticking flowers in our ears.

7.聽Disco Ball Earbuds ($12): Let the beat drop with these disco balls that bring the party with you.

8.聽Mac and Cheese ($16): We hear ya. We eat so much mac and cheese that it鈥檚 coming out of our ears too.

9.聽Shark Wit Earbuds聽($15): This shark has no manners. It鈥檚 just in one ear and out the other.

10.聽Printed Earbud Headphones ($16): Keep things stylish and simple with these floral buds, perfect for every day.

11.聽Leading Hedgehog Earbuds ($15): These hedgehogs look way less pointy and way more cuddly than the real thing.

12.聽Magic Pencil Headset ($58): These sharp little buds were designed by the sound expert Good Mia to ensure ultimate quality.

13.聽Earbuds + Wings ($6): Your music provides a great escape, right? So why not add to the magic and take flight?

14.聽Gummy Bear Scented Earbuds ($17): These buds deliver a different scent depending on what color you pick. The 10-year-old in you is jumping for joy.

What are some of the cutest earbuds you鈥檝e seen? Let us know in the comments!