Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary has totally been holding out on us. Forget silver bells and cockle shells (WTF, MAR??) the secret to getting our future garden to grow might be in one of the latest inventions over at the Quirky Labs — a 2-in-1 tool we want to get down and dirt-y with.

Prune is a hand-held shovel and a pair of sharp shears wrapped up all in one pretty sweet, simple design. The handle is spring-loaded and locks so you can go from trimming topiary one sec to making a new home for some seeds in the soil the next.

The idea came from Quirky inventor Peter Wachtel who realized how many tools one must have in their gardening arsenal (and not all are as spiffy as these!) to achieve a green thumb. He’s kind of on a major mission to streamline things in your life — he’s the man who brought multi-purpose tools like the three-in-one Grill Wrangler and the produce-protecting tote Mercado into our homes by way of the R&D co. Hey, Pete, we are all about a more streamlined life too. How about turning that sectioned-off tote into a more purse-appropriate bag? Or using the same principles for a souped up hamper. Maybe we’ll just join you over at Quirky. Are there free snacks there?

The price is yet to be determined for Prune. Sign up for a Quirky account now and follow Prune in its final stage of production to pitch how much you think it should sell for. What’s better than being first in line to buy a cool product for a price you helped set?

What is your go-to gardening tool? What two tools would you want to combine?