The second class of our Plum Organics® three-course series is taught by certified nutrition consultant Christal Sczebel and co-hosted by the creator of Girl With Curves Tanesha Awasthi.

In this 22-minute course, you’ll cover the dos and don’ts of nutrition for your infant from month 0 to 12, including tips for breastfeeding and formula feeding. You’ll also learn about the best foods for starting solids, along with two yummy and nutritional recipes that your baby will love.

Be sure to download our course workbook to use as a class guide.


  • Tips on foods to eat while breastfeeding.
  • Real life mom questions from Tanesha Awasthi.
  • Two recipes from a certified nutritionist.

Looking for more resources? Download Plum Organics Infant Feeding Tips + Tricks Booklet, as well as an overview of Plum Organics’ Food Philosophy.

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