We know concept stores don鈥檛 exist *purely* to give us major design envy, but lately, it鈥檚 definitely part of the equation. The latest subject of our obsession? The RealReal鈥榮 brand-new LA location. With tons of laid-back-luxe furniture that embodies that California lifestyle, plus a totally Instagrammable cafe/juice bar area, it鈥檚 pretty much a minefield for amazing home finds that we鈥檙e gonna want to bring home with us. And yes, it鈥檚 100 percent shoppable.

鈥淔or the LA store, we wanted to tap into the laid-back ease that LA is known for and create something with energy and good vibes,鈥 says Rati Levesque, The RealReal鈥檚 chief merchant. 鈥淭he LA store is more modern [than the New York location], and the furniture in the store 鈥 also for sale! 鈥 complements that style. It鈥檚 classic, high-end, or heritage pieces,鈥 Levesque tells us. The result is a space that feels like stepping into your coolest friend鈥檚 upscale LA home, and The RealReal鈥檚 design team considered every detail to achieve that aspirational vibe.

鈥淲e鈥檝e really thought about not only what each woman or man would wear, but what vase would they have in their home, which books, art, what glass would they drink out of,鈥 Levesque tells us. Bookshelves are stocked with a veritable cabinet of curiosities that just beg to be touched. Warm wood tones are a constant throughout the store, making the behemoth 12,000 square-food space 鈥 鈥淚t鈥檚 huge, almost an entire block,鈥 says Levesque 鈥 seem cozy and welcoming. Certainly no small feat.

Tons of texture and a unified color palette of neutrals and oranges help define the different zones and make each area feel like a place to hang out. 鈥淸The] furniture is a mix of LA mid-century and international design icons,鈥 says Levesque. 鈥淕io Ponti, Jacques Biny, Karl Matsson, [Pierre] Jeanneret, and Mies van der Rohe are mixed with pieces by local artists and hand-picked vintage pieces.鈥 This eclectic combination is what makes the store feel so distinctive and homey. (We鈥檙e also obsessed with the slightly irregular tiles that envelop each counter in color. They remind us of something you鈥檇 find on a fireplace in a cool LA bungalow.)

The line between art and architecture is purposefully blurred throughout the store. Sculpture from Vincent Szarek鈥檚 鈥淟ike A Rock鈥 series punctuates the displays, lending a tongue-in-cheek twist to the shopping experience. 鈥淚t鈥檚 our take on a department store,鈥 says Leveque. 鈥淲e鈥檙e reflecting this in our windows so that people are drawn in, and creating moments of drama and interest with site-specific art installations.鈥 By extension, some of the accessories and objects for sale definitely could be mistaken for modern art (and we want them all).

Rest assured we鈥檒l be stopping in on our next trip to LA鈥 and whether we leave with a new purchase or not, we鈥檒l certainly be taking some notes on how to bring this expertly styled look home with us.

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(Images via Joyce Lee Studio for The RealReal)