While we admit to doing a LOT of our shopping online (and from our phones) these days, there鈥檚 no denying the appeal of visiting a beloved brand鈥檚 IRL space. Seeing a vision come to life can be majorly inspiring, and getting to ooh and aah over products you can actually touch is so satisfying. But few stores rise to the level of The Daily Edited鈥榮 flagship shop, an ultra-chic love letter to minimalist pink located in color-capital Melbourne.

The Daily Edited, known for its customizable leather goods and desk supplies, has a clean, streamlined aesthetic. Its flagship, the brainchild of Pattern Studio designers Lily Goodwin and Josh Cain, follows suit, playing with form and texture within a palette of cool, modern pink.

The tabletops are the stars of the space, bringing plenty of textural variation to the displays. Norwegian rose marble, white terrazzo, and terra cotta-tinged pink feel 鈥渇eminine but not fussy鈥 and imbue the space with a 鈥渞efined kind of grown-up cool,鈥 the designers say.

Sculptural insets and ledges keep the tone-on-tone color scheme from feeling flat. The glowing alcoves were subtly inspired by futuristic, space-age designs, per Goodwin and Cain.

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(Photos via The Daily Edited)