Even if you get a little creative with it, celebrating just one anniversary each year can feel a little redundant after a while. Doing it big (Beckham style!) on your special day as a couple is wonderful — so why not keep the good vibes going all year long? With these eight relationship milestones, you and your partner will always have something to commemorate when it comes to your time together. 

1. Your first date. This one is as important as it is obvious. Whether you were in middle school and got ice cream or grabbed lunch during a workday break, your first date is where this whole crazy ride began. Celebrate accordingly by re-creating the memory from time to time. 

2. Your first kiss. If your first kiss was on your first date, you’ve got a two-for-one deal, but either way, this relationship milestone is probably the first time that you realized the insane chemistry going on between you and your partner.

3. The first trip you took together. The first time you go away with someone is pretty huge because you learn so much about them. In many relationships, your first vacation is together is where things take a turn for the serious. You can celebrate this important moment by retracing your steps, or simply by looking at photos during a date night in. 

4. The time you met each other’s families. Ahh, the classic “meet the parents” debacle. This introduction is one of the more nerve-wracking parts of a relationship, but it can also be the most gratifying. In this case, you were meeting your future in-laws! 

5. The first time you said “I love you.” You’ll probably never forget this moment; what your partner was wearing, where you were, what the weather was like. It’s an easy one to remember, but it might be an easy date to forget. If you take the time to remember this day and write your partner a sweet love note to commemorate the occasion, you’ll have started a wonderful new tradition in your relationship.

6. Your respective career milestones. Your moments together are certainly meaningful and important, but it’s key to remember your accomplishments as individuals too. Be sure to celebrate your partner’s work anniversaries as a reflection of their dedication and persistence in the professional realm.

7. Your first child. Your first child made you parents. Celebrate your little one’s birthday knowing that the day demarcates the beginning of a new chapter for you as a couple and as a family. 

8. Their best friend’s approval. Sometimes, meeting your S.O.’s bestie is just as scary as meeting their parents. Their BFF knows everything about them, so they probably know what’s best for them as far as relationships go — which is why you have great reason to celebrate the anniversary of their approval.

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