When it comes to repurposing, lightbulbs are a tried and true DIY go-to. Whether you’re turning one into a bud vase or covering it with twine to masquerade as a pear, these versatile pieces of glass belong anywhere but in your trash. We’ve rounded up 20 brilliant ways to breathe new life into your burnt out bulbs.

But first, how do you actually hollow out a light bulb? This tutorial from the folks at TeamDroid is a great how-to on turning your lightbulbs into clear vessels. Now, 20 ways to use ’em!

1. Gold Bulb Decor: Mix and match a bunch of different mini light bulbs and paint them gold to create an illuminating decor theme. (via Capitol Romance)

2. Tiny Terrarium: There are seriously hundreds of lightbulb terrariums on the Internet! It’s bonkers. This tutorial is straightforward and will show you how to make your own. Now, you just need a few gold animal toys… ;) (via The Hipster Home)

3. Hot Air Balloons: You may recognize this little hack from our post on how to throw the ultimate Oz party. We love the idea of turning lightbulbs into balloons! (via Rook No. 17)

4. Concrete Lightbulb Wall Hook: We’ve been on a concrete kick this summer and are definitely intrigued by this hack on using a lightbulb as a concrete mold. (via Instructables + Decocasa)

5. Pendant Lamp: Use a combination of burnt out bulbs and ones you can replace to create this eco-chic piece. (via Inhabitat)

6. DIY Oil Lamp: Why not turn your old lightbulbs into their predecessors? (via Instructables)

7. Terrarium Place Cards: Another take on the terrarium, this is an adorable idea for place cards at a wedding. (via A Subtle Revelry)

8. Chic Bud Vase: Go a little less crafty and more modern with this wire mounted bud vase. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Candlelit Centerpiece: Even burnt out lightbulbs can still carry light, it’s just the light source that you need to find. This project uses a candle with a whole bunch of burnt out bulbs. We love the vintage vibe. (Family Chic)

10. Lightbulb Valentine: Hey readers, you totally light up our lives! :) (via Design*Sponge)

11. Hanging Vases: You can use plant hangers and chain to create your own light bulb bunting filled with wildflowers and found flowers. (via Etsy)

12. Lightbulb Centerpiece: This one involves a whole lot of cool materials. First, find yourself a vintage sugar mold! Impossible? Maybe, but you could also look for similar shapes or tea light holders at a flea market. Then get battery powered lights to put at the bottom of each opening and top with vintage light bulbs. (via Warm Hot Chocolate)

13. Twine-Wrapped Pears: We never actually realized that lightbulbs look a whole lot like pears until seeing them cleverly wrapped in twine. (via Todd & Lindsey)

14. Lightbulb Topiary: Bookmark this under holiday hacks. It’s a fun way to create an ornament-inspired decoration. (via Ruffled)

15. Lightbulb Vase: Technically this doesn’t take you to a tutorial, but you can definitely create something simlar based on the tutorials above. (via Home Girl London)

17. Lightbulb Necklace: You knew you saved those burnt out Christmas lights for a reason! (via Tanith on Etsy)

18. Silver Glittery Ornament: Yet another way to repurpose for holiday decor. We love the idea of creating a whole bunch of these and putting them in a bowl as a centerpiece. (via Kittenhood)

19. Glass Sculpture: For the more avant-garde makers among you, check out this industrial-looking sculpture made from an assortment of lightbulbs. (via Family Chic)

20. Wall Planter: Last, one more planter for good luck! (via Iain Claridge)

Which of these projects is your favorite? Have you ever turn lightbulbs into something else? Talk to us in the comments below.