Why Mad Men Hair Will Always Live on
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Why Mad Men Hair Will Always Live on

We can’t believe we’ve said our final goodbyes to the boys at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, but what we’re really sore about is the adieu we’ve bid to the women of Mad Men and their impeccable sense of style. Thankfully, it seems like the brand-new ABC show The Astronaut Wives Club, a set-in-the-’60 series about the wives of American space legends, will soon fill that void, proving that retro hair will never go out of style. That’s why it’s always good to have a retro hair hack on hand, like this glamorous faux bob we’re DIY-ing today.

Whether you want to pull a next-level move on a first date or need an ultra elegant hairdo to suit your fanciest summer soirees, learn how to take your hair to Betty Draper levels of bombshell below.


Using a large-barrel curling iron, curl 2-3-inch sections of your hair on the back and sides of your head backwards (leave your bangs and front side sections alone for now!). Once you release each curl from the iron, curl it back up with your hands and pin it into place around your head using duckbill clips. Allow the hair to cool so that it really holds the shape of the curl. Fun fact: this is actually a retro way of curling hair reminiscent of the 1950s!


Tease your hair at the crown and the sides of your head to shape it into that voluminous Old Hollywood look, still leaving your bangs and front sides to chill for now. Tease your hair in the direction you want it to lay, and then set with a texturizing hairspray like Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Dryspun Finish ($30).


After your curls are set and your hair is teased, curl them up with your fingers toward the nape of your neck and cross pin them in place to create a faux bob. Once all of your hair is pinned back, use a curling iron to curl your bangs and front sides of your head. Pin these sections into place over your other hair to get a more polished look. Spray with hairspray to set.


Tease the ends of your hair together to blend the hair. If any sections are too long (or hanging loose), now’s the time to tuck them in and use a bobby pin to hold them in place. Remember, you’re not going for tight curls here — think more about the overall shape.

Add a final spritz of hairspray as a finishing touch and throw on your finest jewels.

Dang, Betty!

Hair and Styling Maritza Buelvas

Photography Cassandra Eldridge

Modelling Willow Star

Makeup Brenda Arelano

Location Langham Chicago

Jewelry The Left Bank

Gowns Dame Couture

Florals Stacey Carlton

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