Spanish design group Tata&Friends just unintentionally made our new favorite game (soon to be yours, too), and it’s kind of like Pictionary meets Spotify. What they call their Rock Band Icons poster series, WE call 24 game night-worthy flash cards that each depict different band names in the form of snazzy graphics. Yes, you’re supposed to tack ’em up on your wall as quirky tributes to your musical icons — not just stare at them on the screen. But until these black and yellow posters are actually available for purchase (soon, says their website), we’re gonna harness the scrolling powers that be and play on, playette. So, an official spreadsheet break begins… now!

Start slowly making your way down the page to guess the names of the bands shown as icons on each poster. How many can you get right? We’ll start with something super easy: an ornate crown. Hmmm….

Duh, it’s Queen. Okay, consider that the practice round. We’ll amp things up right away with this triptych, and let it roll from there.

Alright, ready for the ‘90s section of the quiz? We sure are!

So how’d you fare? If you thought playing this totally off-the-cuff game was a blast, imagine the fun you’d have with the poster actually hanging up in your pad. We bet the eye-catching graphics will certainly excite discussion over the seemingly arbitrary way bands pick their names, some of which live on forever as a part of rock and roll history. Too bad about that, Blind Melon :/

(h/t Fast Company)

What’s the most ridiculous band name YOU’VE ever heard? What graphics have caught your eye lately? Tell us in the comments below.