Get ready for counter-culture wedding inspiration galore. Your big day should be an expression of who you are and your awesome relationship. We found one such couple who have no problem expressing their individual styles in Ainsley and Sebastien.


The twosome are the co-founders of the photo production agency Sticks and Stones, and you should definitely pop over and check out their work once you’re done scooping up all the inspiration that there is to be had in their wedding photos.


These images are a breath of fresh wedding air, and just what you need if you’re looking for some ideas that are less Beverly Hills Country Club and more Vegas Adventure. We love to see all the glitz, glam and debauchery that came from this wild pair.

vegas wedding 3
vegas wedding 5
vegas wedding 6

The couple, both having been married before, said they never would get married again, but we know there’s only so much in life that you can control. This union was clearly meant to be, and we’re so glad we get to bear witness to how awesome they made their day.


Tattoos, pastel hair and extra-long beards — this might be the wedding of our dreams.


The couple was actually married more than a year ago, but recently, Buzzfeed came across the images of their nuptials, and from there, the photos — of what looks like the most epic day ever — went viral. And really, is there any question as to why?

vegas wedding 15
vegas wedding 16

In true Vegas style, Ainsley and Sebastie topped off their union with matching tattoos.

matching tattoos
matching tattoos 2

Need one more reason to love this couple? How about their graceful acceptance of their naysayers in this video where they read the angry Tweets surrounding their viral wedding?

We think this marriage was a no-brainer. How inspired are you by this stylish union?