It鈥檚 time to ditch the birthday candles and bride and groom toppers! Why not opt to make a bolder statement with your cake? We know you鈥檙e witty, but to ensure everyone knows it, use one of these 20 gorgeous, simple and smart typography toppers鈥 because when it comes to what sits on top of your cake, you deserve to express yourself.

1. Crafty Cake Details: Get straight to the point with this declarative and sweeter than frosting cake topper. Bonus points for picking an extra bright accent color. (via 100 Layer Cake)

2. L-O-V-E ($28): Simplicity at its finest, this cake topper both captures the mood of the day and your minimalist wedding in just four letters.

3. Custom Laser Cut Cake Topper: The oh-so-subtle gold is a particularly beautiful accent color that coordinates with any color, and the stunning, customized hand-cut topper is sure to make you the envy of all your already married friends. (via The Weekend Type)

4. Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Cake Topper ($25): The subtle Winnie the Pooh text combined with pastel colors and a curly-cue font is a modern take on the traditional (read: boring) baby shower cake. So kick it up a notch!

5. Happily Ever After Birch Wedding Cake Topper ($45): You are going to live happily ever after, so why not let everyone know right up front? Plus, the sturdy wood of this topper makes it something you can treasure long after that cake is gone.

6. We Do: The navy wedding color is a perfect contrast for a bright white cake. And the 鈥淲e Do鈥 is the perfect deviation from customary, stoic bride and groom toppers. (via The Pretty Blog)

7. Best Day Ever: You鈥檙e definitely allowed to brag about how epic your wedding day is, especially if you pick a topper this cutesy. (via Jack + Bean)

8. Pretty in Poppy: You love glitter, you love calligraphy and you certainly love love. So do we. Go for this elegant topper and get all three in one shot. (via Hey Wedding Lady)

9. Mr. + Mrs. Cake Topper ($38): This is your first day as Mr. + Mrs., so make sure you say it right, just the way you want. This beautiful, custom-made topper takes care of it for you.

10. New South Wales Wedding Party: Rather than little people who are supposed to resemble the happy couple on top of your cake, just use your own names as a topper. What a personal and tasteful touch! (via Ruffled)

11. Happy Birthday Cake Topper in Gold Glitter ($22): This blingy topper almost turns your cake into decoration. If only we had that kind of will power. But go ahead, have your cake and eat it, too. Just make sure to take this beauty off, first.

12. Just Married ($20): Rather than decorate your getaway car, just celebrate your nuptials with a delicate, cut-out topper reminiscent of a 鈥50s wedding. We think it鈥檒l look adorable in the photos.

13. Love Grows Here ($20): A lovely, garden-esque topper to sit atop your cake is the perfect way to incorporate your stunning floral themed wedding into the reception. Every time you look back on that day, you鈥檒l be reminded of how much your love has grown since day one.

14. Clay Letter Cake Topper: We鈥檙e saying 鈥淥h baby鈥 over these colors! With this topper, you鈥檙e sure to be the hippest new mom on the block, even if you鈥檙e sleep deprived. (via Minted)

15. Paper Cake Topper: It鈥檚 like a mini card on top of a cake! Add your favorite colors for an extravagant cake to fit your extravagant life. (via Giochi Di Carta)

16. Hooray! Papercut Cake Topper ($24): Go ahead, try to contain your excitement for your wedding day. You can鈥檛! Neither can your cake, so why try? Embrace it and celebrate like you mean it.

17. DIY Typography Cake Toppers: Mom is the most important woman in your life, so make sure she knows it. This DIY tutorial tells you how to make these toppers so you can tell your mama just how special she really is. (via The Proper Pinwheel)

18. Love: Are you gasping? We鈥檙e gasping. The glitter cake鈥 the matching minimalist glitter topper. It鈥檚 everything. There is no reason not to have something this fantastic on your big day. We won鈥檛 even be mad if you don鈥檛 let your guests eat it. (via Style Me Pretty)

19. Over The Moon ($42): This unique topper says it all: Lovebirds, your names, lovely colors and just how much you and your partner love each other. With this, you can let your cake do your talking (while you devour the cake)!

20. Fern Love Cake Topper ($50): And finally, a pick from the B+C Shop. We love everything about this whimsical topper.

Which topper would you like your cake to sport? Sound off in the comments below!