Have you ever wondered WTF — that would be what the fractal — is up with romanesco? A relative of cauliflower and broccoli, its florets and flavor are totally distinct. At once crunchier and more delicately flavored than either of its brassica brethren, it’s worth seeking out at your local farmers’ market once the weather cools. Here, we’ve gathered up 10 great ways that you can use this striking green veggie. Enjoy!

1. Romanesco Stir Fry: Black forbidden rice, lime green romanesco and purple cabbage create one striking stir fry. (via A House in the Hills)

2. Roasted Romanesco Soup With Prosciutto: We’re loving the crispy prosciutto and roasted romanesco garnish bobbing at the surface of this creamy soup. (via Beyond Sweet and Savory)

3. Broad Bean Summer Salad: Clouds of fresh ricotta add a lovely contrast to all the wonderful green produce featured in this summery salad. (via Cottage Farm)

4. Romanesco Cacio e Pepe: Blanched romanesco florets add a little vegetal action to an otherwise classic Roman pasta. (via KQED)

5. Autumn + Winter Salad: Made with romanesco, quinoa, pumpkin, fruits and more, this lettuce-free salad is a beautiful celebration of cold weather produce. (Pssst, keep scrolling to find the recipe in English.) (via Recetas Coquetas)

6. Smoky Romanesco, Celery Root and Broccoli Soup: The beige hue may not be much to look at, but close your eyes and you can taste each of the vegetables that went into creating this creamy soup. (via Pineapple and Coconut)

7. Romanesco With Salsa Verde: An extra citrus-y twist on the classic Italian green sauce is a welcome accompaniment to romanesco. (via KCET)

8. Springtime Asparagus, Leek and Romanesco Quiche: A slice of this tasty seasonal quiche is welcome at breakfast, lunch or dinner. (via Boulder Locavore)

9. Romanesco Pakoras + Tamarind-Raisin Chocolate Sauce: Turn some heads by serving these naturally gluten-free fritters as part of your Thanksgiving feast. (via Tiffin Asha)

10. Roasted Romanesco Cauliflower + Homemade Whole Wheat Ravioli With Harissa Sauce: Wow. We’d love to get our hands on this hearty, homemade pasta! What a wonderful project to for a snow day. (via Leek Soup)

Have you ever enjoyed this intriguing vegetable, or simply admired it at the market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!