As you may have noticed, we’re on a rope kick here at Brit HQ. Last week we created a twisted rope rug and just yesterday we rounded up 40 creative DIY rope projects from all over the web. Hungry for more? Read on to learn how to make vases using just rope, bottles, and hot glue. (And for more clever ways to repurpose bottles, head here!)

 1/4 inch by 100 feet sisal rope
diamond braid polypropylene cord
– empty bottles

 – scissors

– hot glue gun

Prep for your project by rinsing the bottles so they are clean and ready to go!

Rope bottle vases are really easy; you just attach the rope to the bottle at the top with glue, wrap it around as far down as you want it go, and then glue it again before cutting off the excess. If you’re worried about the rope not staying in place, you can add dots of glue throughout the wrapping process.

You can apply this method to all the patterns you see here. The only one where we did something different was on the bottle that has the simple pink double knot tied around it. You just cut a length of the neon rope, tie a double knot around the bottle and then wrap the excess to the back and knot it again.

Leave them as is for fun decor accents, or throw a few cut flowers in them to create fab centerpiece for a dinner party or special occasion.

Any bottles will work for this, although we had fun using a combination of shapes and sizes.

What colors will you use when you make your rope bottle vases? Check back later this week to see more rope DIY projects!