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13 Gorgeous Rose Tattoos You’ll Love

Who said all tattoos had to be so tough? If geometric or tribal ink isn’t quite your jam, opt for something on the sweeter side — roses! Floral tattoos are nothing new, but you can make the trend your own with the right inspiration. Whether you’re in the market for a pair of best friend tattoos or you’ve been lusting after on-trend watercolor tattoos, we’ve got 13 rose tattoos that’ll have you ready to hit the tattoo parlor, like, yesterday.

1. Watercolor Rose: Everything is better in watercolor. Add a color-outside-the-lines edge to your floral tat with this bright and beautiful watercolor rose. (via @ilwolhongdam)

2. Upper Arm Bouquet: If you’re ready to make a statement, stamp your upper arm with this big, bold black ink bouquet. This is a beauty that’ll never wilt. (via @ilwolhongdam)

3. Ankle Rose: Getting your first tattoo? Take it slow with this tiny floral ink. The little pop of color lends a sweet and soft appeal. (via @seoeontattoo)

4. Temporary Rose: If you’re not quite ready for forever, test the waters with a temporary tattoo. This flashy forearm piece will have you hitting the parlor before it’s even dry. (via @ssabtattoo)

5. Floral Trinity: This gorgeous trifecta marries the geometric and floral tattoo trends. Channel your inner zen and convey a sense of balance with a symmetrical, nature-inspired image. (via @seoeontattoo)

6. Earth Rose: Take your wanderlust to new heights (or at least a prettier one) with this half-and-half tat. Aim for ink that’s as breathtaking as the sites you’ve seen. (via @ilwolhongdam)

7. Rose Script: What’s in a name? Indulge your inner romantic a la Romeo and Juliet with this moniker-infused rose tattoo. (via @soltattoo)

8. Thigh Rose: Flash a little leg to reveal your pretty thigh tattoo. The subtle sexiness of an upper-leg tat is better than any old piece of lingerie. (via @cecia_97)

9. Thorny Rose: Every rose has its thorn. Show your prickly side with this edgy-but-delicate thorny rose tattoo. (via @soltattoo)

10. Wild Child: Evoke the carefree charm of hand-picked wildflowers. This bouquet is perfect for conveying your whimsical side with a tat you’ll never get tired of. (via @soltattoo)

11. Old School: If you’re as nuts about color as we are, kick it old school with a vibrant retro tattoo. Any flower would look great interpreted in this throwback aesthetic. (via @ssabtattoo)

12. Rib Cage Bouquet: Keep your ink on the DL with an HR-friendly rib cage tat. Cover it up for your nine-to-five, and put it front and center when you’re ready to hit the beach. (via @soltattoo)

13. Minimalist Rose: This one’s for the minimalists among us. Wear this delicate, single-line rose tattoo in a relatively unexpected spot for a look that’s prettier than any necklace. (via @seoeontattoo)

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