As an on-the-go adventurer, all the time-saving travel tips you have amassed over the years still can’t seem to make up for time lost digging through your purse or luggage to locate the essentials. Whether it’s a cell phone stand for movie viewings by campfire, a SIM card case and pin in preparation for an international flight or a can opener to dole out drinks at that beach party, you love to be able to find exactly what you need when you need it. Thanks to the S Key, you can. This 6-in-1 key consolidates all of your on-the-go essentials into one key you’ll never forget — or leave home without.


You can think of the S Key like the Swiss army knife of keys — but far more stylish. It’s a lightweight tool that looks and feels like a key but works wonders as a magnetic stick, a cell phone stand, a SIM card case, SIM pin, bottle opener and keychain. But don’t let its intricate design intimidate you. Each facet of the S Key has a simple but practical purpose. The magnetic stick at the base of the S Key is strong enough to stick your keys and notes to magnetic surfaces. Adjacent to the magnetic stick is a sturdy cell phone stand just waiting for you to plug it into your device, rotate it and start enjoying books, movies or the web from multiple viewing angles.


When you’re ready to unplug and head out on an international flight, just store your SIM card in the convenient SIM card case. Your SIM pin will slide right in and out without hassle. Once you’ve reached your final destination and you’re ready to kick back, leverage the heat-resistant steel frame on the inner side of the S Key to pop open a cold one, relax and then hang up your house key on the S Key. The eye-popping glow-in-the-dark design makes the S Key as easy to see as it is to use. But it also comes in a number of other electric shades, like red, pink, green and blue.


This isn’t the first iteration of the S Key for the dynamic team of techies and designers at Choicee. Committed to quality craftsmanship, the team revised the S Key an impressive 100 times until they achieved the patent-pending design that exists today. If you want to help the team bring the S Key to travelers everywhere and nab a key of your own in the process, pledge as little as $8 to their Kickstarter campaign.

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(Images via Kickstarter/S Key)