With holiday crunch time officially upon us, we’re heavy into planning out all the details for our own festive holiday fêtes. We’ve got the holiday party theme down, the trendy Christmas decor on lock and almost have our menu all planned out. And yes, this includes the cocktails! With all the festive finger foods you’ll be whipping up this season, you’ll *definitely* need a few tasty holiday cocktails. To spark some inspiration, check out these seven cocktails from some of San Francisco’s best bars. Add one of these to your party menu and your guests will be full of the Christmas spirit in no time.


1. Browned Butter Spiked Eggnog: With browned butter-infused Applejack, egg, maple syrup and brandy, this is an elevated take on the quintessential Christmas classic. You’ll wonder what you ever saw in the store bought ‘nog in the first place. (via Rich Table on Snapguide)


2. Milk Punch: Forget Santa’s usual cookies and milk and leave him THIS instead. Made with dark rum, brandy, nutmeg and of course, whole milk, this drink tastes just like Christmas in a glass. (via 15 Romolo on Snapguide)


3. Harvest Moon: This frothy and festive libation gets its flavor from a mixture of asian pear puree, fresh lime juice and tequila. With that mega-punch of bright flavors, it’s certain to liven up any soiree. (via Third Rail on Snapguide)


4. Bourbon Spiked Apple Cider: If you’re looking for a simple classic to keep you cozy during a chilly night, reach for a cup of this spiked apple cider. Made with star anise, cinnamon sticks, ginger juice, bay leaves and a dose of bourbon, this drink is sure to warm you up from the inside out. (via Outerlands on Snapguide)


5. Loch Ness: Named after the smokey scotch used in the recipe, this drink gets its flavor from a mixture of apple cider, lemon juice and freshly grated cinnamon. It can take a little work, but the final product is so worth the trouble. (via Third Rail on Snapguide)


6. Spiced Wine: With spiced rum and a few dashes of orange bitters, this spiced sipper is a festive spin on your usual glass of merlot. Served warm, it’s a great holiday cocktail for all the wine lovers in the room. (via Burritt Room & Tavern on Snapguide)


7. American Gothic: This drink brings in the unexpected. With rye whiskey, cardamom and butternut squash puree (yup, you read that right), the cocktail sneaks in a hint of savory flavor that is both crazy and amazing. (via Third Rail on Snapguide)

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