Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland鈥檚 relationship is still going strong several months in. He鈥檚 even met her family 鈥 although, as Hyland shared in a new interview, that happened way earlier than she expected and wasn鈥檛 exactly planned.

鈥淗e met my [IRL] family before the TV family,鈥 the Modern Family actress revealed during a visit to The Late Late Show With James Corden on Monday. 鈥淢y parents and my brother were living with me for most of fall time last year. And so 鈥 he lives in Nashville 鈥 so he flew out [from] Nashville, it was like our second or third date, and my mom, like 鈥 They were supposed to leave. I was like, 鈥楥an you please leave the house? I鈥檒l pay for you to go to a nice dinner or something.鈥 And they were running behind.鈥

That鈥檚 why, when the 33-year-old Bachelor in Paradise star showed up, Hyland鈥檚 mom did what she could to salvage the situation. 鈥淪o, the doorbell rang and I was upstairs and I didn鈥檛 know, and my mom apparently answered the door [covering her face and] saying, 鈥榊ou鈥檙e not supposed to see me. I鈥檓 Melissa. Come in. Sarah鈥檚 upstairs,'鈥 Hyland said, imitating her mom鈥檚 voice and gestures. 鈥淗e told me that and I was like, 鈥極h my gosh.'鈥

However, she said that the situation might have actually paid off, admitting, 鈥淗e met my entire family, like immediate family, right away off the bat, which I think is great because now I know he really likes me because he鈥檚 still here.鈥 He sure is 鈥 and by the looks of it, he鈥檚 not going anywhere anytime soon.

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(photo via Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly)