Brace yourself: Holiday card season is upon us. Whether you’re a strictly DIY holiday card giving pro or you’re embracing the convenience of online e-cards, getting the right card for everyone on your list can be a challenge. This year, instead of crossing your frenemies off your card-giving list, we’ve got a better idea. These 16 hilarious, occasionally passive aggressive holiday cards are sure to send the right message (while still maintaining your holiday hostess-with-the-mostest status).


1. Elf Christmas Card ($3): The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to make sure everyone knows how much better you are at Christmas than your frenemy. Happy holidays!


2. Gingerbread Cookie “Bite Me” Sassy Christmas Card ($3): The gingerbread holiday card could be interpreted as a pun-derful gift or an act of war, depending on how your relationship is going at the moment.


3. Ralphie Christmas Card ($5): This A Christmas Story classic is perfect for the holiday downer in your life. Make sure to write your own Christmas stories (or nightmares) inside!


4. Warm Follows Function Notecard Set ($15): For the person that starts Christmasing on November 1 — with full light display, candy cane beverages and Santa hats at the ready — this card is a match made in the North Pole.


5. Seas and Peas Merry Kanye Holiday Card ($5): You know that friend-adjacent you follow on Facebook that posts a minimum of three status updates a day? This card is for them.


6. Whale in a Manger Christmas Card ($4): Send this to your caroling BFF who giggled through cheesy Christmas lyrics with you, or use it as your “bah humbug” holiday card.


7. Melt Down Snowman Holiday Card ($5): For the consistently overwhelmed Christmaser, this letterpress-printed, folded Christmas card made from recycled paper is just the thing they don’t need.


8. HellaFresh Designs Martini Holiday Card ($5): Tackle your weekend party plans and your holiday card giving in one fell swoop.


9. Nothin Butt an Akita Xmas Greeting Cards ($17): This one’s for the person who cannot, no matter how many times you coax the conversation elsewhere, stop taking about their cats. Each set includes 10 cards and envelopes and is available in your choice of matte or glossy finish.


10. Holiday Autocorrect Card ($5): For the person on your list who sends you more “damn autocorrect” texts than actual messages, this holiday card is a must. The card series was inspired by the creator of @madeupstats Twitter feed.


11. White (WINE) Christmas Greeting Cards ($4): This greeting card is for the person who only goes to Christmas parties for the open bar. For an added prank, pack the inside with white snow-like glitter.


12. Funny Christmas Card ($5): Channel your inner Regina George with this festive card-turned-passive-aggressive burn, ho.


13. Warm Winter Card ($5): For that distant relative who will not stop complaining on Facebook about the cold, wet and freezing weather, this holiday card will definitely get them where it hurts. Side note: You don’t have to live in California for this to work.


14. December 25th Card ($5): Anyone whose holiday hosting cooking skills involve talking to the pizza guy deserves this one. Add a few packs of soy sauce inside to really get the message across.


15. Wrapped Gift Nailed It ($4): The frenemy who brings a re-gifted pack of chocolates wrapped in newspaper to the white elephant gift exchange deserves this card.


16. Tis the Season (for Alcohol) Card ($18): For the person who thought “drinking around the Christmas tree” was a thing, this seasonal card is a must-give.

Which holiday card are you sending to your frenemy this December? Let us know in the comments below!