A refrain we hear more commonly in January than any other time is 鈥渙ut with the old, in with the new.鈥 In the new year especially it can apply to lots of things 鈥 bad habits, decor and maybe even big life events like a new job or creative resolution. And as much as we know that nothing gold can stay, it also, sadly, applies to our favorite TV shows.

Thank goodness for all of the amazing new shows聽debuting in 2017, because a whack of programs will wrap up later this year. Check out some of the shows we鈥檒l be saddest to see go this year. Godspeed!

1. Pretty Little Liars: Deny it all you want, but it鈥檚 true: PLL will kick off its final 10 episodes later this spring (starting April 18). Some MAJOR hints were dropped at a recent Television Critics Association press appearance, including the fact that there will be another time hop and a musical number. WTF?! We鈥檙e counting the minutes.

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2. Orphan Black: After announcing in the summer that season five of Orphan Black would be its last, fans were elated when the outstanding Tatiana Maslany won an Emmy for portraying her character鈥檚 multiple clones. At the time, Tatiana told us that all her characters were 鈥減robably going to have different ends. Some of them might not be happy, and some of them might be鈥 a little tragic.鈥 Don鈥檛 toy with our emotions!

3. Vampire Diaries: The show just wasn鈥檛 the same after Nina Dobrev left at the end of season six, so it wasn鈥檛 totally surprising to hear that Vampire Diaries would wrap up with season eight. The final countdown (AKA the mid-season premiere) begins on January 13.

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4. Bones: We can hardly remember a time when Bones wasn鈥檛 part of our weekly TV schedule, and even two episodes into its final season, we鈥檙e sorta still in denial. The shortened season so far has been exactly what we want from a show on its last legs 鈥 tying up of loose ends and good things happening to our favorite characters.

5. Girls: There鈥檚 no denying that Girls has occupied a special place in our hearts throughout its short but sweet shelf life. Tune in starting February 12 to find out what happens to the young Brooklynites you love to hate.

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6. Grimm: If the premiere was any indication, its final season won鈥檛 be as tidy as, say, Bones 鈥 but as all over the place as it is so far, we kinda wouldn鈥檛 have it any other way.

Royalty returns to The CW with #Reign's premiere on Friday, February 10 at 9/8c!

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7. Reign: The news of Reign鈥檚 cancellation came as the filming of season four was already under way, so it remains to be seen if we鈥檒l get a proper send-off for the young Mary Queen of Scots. Find out when the final 16 episodes start on February 10.

It鈥檚 so hard to say goodbye to #Workaholics. The final season starts January 11.

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8. Workaholics: After seven seasons, it鈥檚 gonna be hard to say goodbye to the Workaholics gang. The final 10 episodes promise more office pranks and what seems like a Coachella knockoff, which, sign us up.

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